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Natural Solutions is a family owned business that provides precision agronomic services for retail clients which includes soil sampling, prescription writing, removal recommendations, crop consulting, and variable rate seeding files. We currently provide the most cutting edge soil collection service in the 4-state area, covering thirteen states and over half a million acres. Partnered with Beck's Seed, AgDNA, AgroLiquid Fertilizer and Enduraplas we aim to bring the full package to the table to help you and your farming operation.


Natural Solutions was founded by Cody Claflin in 2009; Cody comes from a vertically integrated corn, soybean, and cattle operation in southwest Missouri. Cody attended Oklahoma State University where he studied Plant and Soil Science. Natural Solutions was founded as part of a class assignment, but quickly grew to be a passion of Cody’s. During Cody’s time at OSU, he met his wife, Taylor, where she was studying Agribusiness. Taylor grew up in North-Central Oklahoma and was raised on a family farm consisting of wheat, soybeans, and cattle. The couple married in 2013 and she now assists in managing Natural Solutions. Together they have two sons and currently reside in Sheldon, Missouri.


Cody earned his Certified Crop Adviser (CCA) status in 2015. His passion to better farming operations by blending agronomy and technology integration gives Natural Solutions the drive, dedication, and scope to be a premier agronomic service serving the people of America's heartland. Cody’s passion stems from being raised on a family farm. Cody understands the inter-workings of farm life, and knows how to best apply technology in a way that benefits the farmer.


Taylor’s experience in accounting and clerical work perfectly compliments Cody’s experience in agriculture, technology, and talent for solving problems. Together, they hope to help you reach your agronomic goals in the most efficient and effective way possible.