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Tanker1 Liquid Fertilizers

At Natural Solutions, we use cutting-edge methods of collecting data to develop an effective growing plan for your farm. Your field will be surveyed using our UAS aerial system that collects HD video, HD images, and NDVI values from a 150 ft. altitude, which allows for higher quality images and better analysis capabilities.

Licensed AGRO-CULTURE dealer

As a licensed AGRO-LIQUID dealer, Natural Solutions can provide you with a wide selection of quality liquid fertilizers to enhance your crop production, while still protecting the environment.


You can depend on us for expert fertilizer recommendations, based on the results of your soil analysis. We work with all commercial fertilizers and can create a custom blend of nutrients to meet your needs.

  • Sure-K®

  • High NRG-N™

  • NResponse™

  • eNhance ™  

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Natural Solutions offers you high-quality liquid fertilizer products from the AGRO-LIQUID brand.

AGRO-LIQUID products

Put UAS aerial technology to work for your farm


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