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When used as a field management tool, drip irrigation provides growers with precision control over the root zone environment of their corn crop during the plant’s critical growth stages. This enables growers to maintain optimal uniform soil moisture levels with outstanding aeration while delivering precision quantities of nutrients and water directly to each plant’s root zone. Experienced growers agree that drip irrigation is well suited for maximizing growth and yield potential of corn crops. (Pair this text with the "Growth Graph" image above.)

Drip Solutions

Drippers slowly emit specified amounts of water and nutrients, at low pressure, directly to the plant’s root zone, increasing yields and reducing water use.


Drip irrigation is more than an irrigation method, it’s a management tool that allows producers to apply the precise amount of water and nutrients directly to the root zone. The benefits are well documented and include improved control of fertilizer application, improved plant health, reduced water usage and consistently higher yields.

  • Maintain control over soil and climate variables

  • Support increased plant populations

  • Increase the number of irrigated acres which leads to a significant increase in annual yields

  • Save water and energy costs 

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Features of subsurface drip irrigations (SDI):

Controlled Variability


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With corn, more ears means more yield. The control of the root zone offered by drip irrigation enables yield improvements through increased plant population or narrower rows. The precision control of drip irrigation and the ability to deliver water and nutrients directly to the root zone of each plant, minimizes competition among plants for resources during the critical growth stages. As new varieties come to market with the ability to tolerate higher plant populations and increased competition, growers tout drip irrigation’s ability to support more yield per acre than with center pivot irrigation.


Optimized soil conditions, improved nutrient uptake, reduced weed pressure and improved disease control create an ideal growth environment that in turn supports higher plant populations and promotes higher yields.

Increased Plant Production

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