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soil sampling
soil testing

After receiving the result of your soil analysis, Natural Solutions uses the latest software to provide you with fertilizer recommendations that will meet the needs of your current field levels. You can also come to us for custom-nutrient blends based on your specifications.

Experienced soil sampling

You can also count on the experienced team at Natural Solutions to help control your costs by adjusting your variable rate application. By doing this you will be able to build your soil over time, while still maintaining your budget.

  • General soil sampling

  • Grid sampling

  • Smart zone sampling – covers a wider area than a grid

  • Soil Scan - on-the-spot nitrate test, no lab test required

1-2 week turnaround on all soil samplings. Call:

Since 2009, Natural Solutions LLC has been offering professional soil sampling to help you boost your yield potential, and increase your profits.

Variety of soil sampling methods

Custom-fertilization solutions


Grid soil sampling

  • 2.5 Acre Grid $11.00 / Acre

  • 5 Acre Grid $9.00 / Acre

  • Includes:

  • VRT Files

  • Mapbook

  • Shapefile

  • Lab Costs

  • Data Interpretation

  • Full Soil Analysis is available with either grid size

  • All Macro Nutrients

  • All Micro Nutrients / Minerals